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prosp limited is composed of many former senior executives in the business management industry, and often feel that the planning and design of training courses are not perfect. It also cooperates with many consulting companies, has very solid theory, logic and training facilities, and often designs course localization for customers from different regions. The course logic structure can be rigorous, and it will not be reduced to "a lot of storytelling/experience sharing". Let the students laugh continuously in the classroom, get rid of the sense of confusion after they get out of the classroom, and apply them to work well.

Regardless of whether it is Hong Kong, internally or externally, all partners and lecturers of the company adhere to the belief of "creating and enriching the value of others", treating every enterprise-level customer, continuously optimizing and developing new actions, and introducing foreign companies. High-quality courseware and highly localized, these are the values we attach the most importance to, and we dare not slacken our continuous efforts. prosp limited looks forward to working with you on the road in the future and becoming a strategic partner for creating rich value!

吉展是由許多企管業界前高階主管組成, 常對訓練課程的規劃與設計,感到未臻完美。也與許多顧問公司合作, 具有非常紮實的理論、邏輯與培訓設,也常為不同地域的客人設計課程本土化, 在課程邏輯結構能夠嚴謹,不淪為「大量說故事/經驗分享」,也讓學員在課堂中笑聲不斷,走出教室外後排除茫然感,能好好應用於工作。